PCLC recently contributed to a series of workshops hosted by the Centre for Innovative Justice on reform of the Victoria’s toll infringements system.  The workshops focused on Human Centred Design – challenging systems to design for the needs of the user rather than the needs of the system.  Please view full report …

A Fair, Efficient and Effective Toll and infringment System for Victoria…By Design


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Motorists driving on the toll roads in the eastern board states may save time on their travel, but can accrue huge penalities and fees if they are fined for neglecting to pay the toll or top up their E-tag credit.

Some motorists in Victoria have toll fine debts as large as $200,000 and road toll matters are clogging up the magistrates court.

While some reforms with the toll operators will ease the situation in Victoria, lawyers and advocates are seeking more solutions.

Listen to full episode ABC: What to do about the growing weight of road toll debt


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Peninsula Community Legal Centre along with 26 organisations has signed an open letter to the Victoria Police Commissioner regarding the trial of body worn cameras by Victoria Police.

This  letter outlines a series of crucial accountability and oversight measures that must be implemented if the program is to achieve the objectives of enhancing safety for both officers and community members, and increasing police transparency and public confidence.

We are calling for:

  1. clear and publicly available guidelines, concerning data retention periods;
  2. limits on discretionary use by  officers and penalties for failure to activate;
  3. breadth of access for victims, their lawyers and the public; and
  4. rigorous evaluation prior to further expansion

Please  view full letter  Body worn cameras – Letter to Commissioner Ashton


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