Help for Caravan Pak & Rooming House Residents

September 02, 2009

Many people make a lifestyle choice to live in residential and caravan parks, they have considered their options and decided that this is the one which best suits their current situation. However, for an ever increasing number of people, caravan parks and rooming houses are the only option left for emergency and longer-term accommodation. Often community organisations and housing groups have little option but to place and fund people into this accommodation.

There is growing concern that people in this situation are often reluctant to exercise their rights as residents. This is because many are afraid that they will jeopardise their final housing option and risk becoming homeless.

The Peninsula Community Legal Centre (PCLC) Caravan Park & Rooming House Outreach Project is based in Frankston, but operates across most of the eastern and southern metropolitan regions of Melbourne. The Project aims to assist residents of caravan parks, residential parks, rooming houses and student rooming houses in their negotiations with owners and operators, by informing them about their rights and responsibilities, and about services available to assist them and of how to access these.

The Project is also playing an important role in bringing together knowledge about the experiences of people living in caravan parks and rooming houses and the issues confronting them.

“The PCLC Caravan Park & Rooming House Outreach Project is aiming to contribute to the knowledge and debate which will help to inform good social policy and appropriate regulatory frameworks. Ultimately, we all want to ensure that caravan parks and rooming houses are a safe housing option and the rights of residents are protected” said Ms Constas.

For more information about the PCLC Caravan Park & Rooming House Outreach Project and other services, please phone 9783 3600 or check PCLC’s website .

2 September 2009

Contact: Gillian Wilks Manager – Projects & Development Peninsula Community Legal Centre Inc. Ph: 9783 3600 ext 28.


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