Elder Abuse Resources – Inheritance: not an entitlement campaign

June 15, 2023

This World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 15 June 2023, the Peninsula Community Legal Centre and the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Respecting Seniors Network have produced a new discussion guide to help you better understand the issue of inheritance impatience and how it can lead to elder abuse.

The discussion guide is part of the Network’s Inheritance – not an entitlement campaign which aims to dispel common myths stemming from a sense of entitlement to an older person’s assets or future inheritance.

Inheritance impatience is something that many Australians might feel, but might not even realise the potential dangers.

The guide provides tools and tips to start the sometimes-awkward conversations that we need to have about elder abuse in various settings in our community.

The campaign has received the support of Dr Kay Patterson AO, Australian Human Rights Commission, Age Discrimination Commissioner, who launches the discussion guide in a short video that you can view on our You Tube channel.

The “Inheritance: not an entitlement – How to talk about inheritance impatience and elder abuse” discussion guide can be viewed here.

The Inheritance: not an entitlement campaign has also produced seven short film clips which “bust” common myths about elder abuse. This includes myths that “elder abuse is only physical” or that it “mainly occurs in nursing homes”, when in fact the most common forms of abuse are financial and emotional exploitation perpetrated at home by trusted family members.

The seven short films comprising the Inheritance – not an entitlement campaign can be viewed on our You Tube channel. .

Posters and other resources linked to the campaign can also be accessed on the Frankston Mornington Peninsula Respecting Seniors Network website.


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