Reducing financial pressure

July 28, 2022
Lana had experienced severe family violence at the hand of her former husband John, which included reproductive assault, resulting in the birth of her two children.
Not long after the couple separated, John relocated to China and stopped paying child support. Lana has no redress through the Child Support Agency because China is not a country with which Australia has reciprocal child support relations.
Lana became the sole carer of Jack and Robert, aged 2 and 4 respectively. Tragically, Jack was diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy since 2018. He is particularly vulnerable during the global pandemic.
Lana attended our volunteer night service and was transferred into the Family Law Program. One of our FASS lawyers drafted the initiating documents for a property settlement.
As a result of the first COVID-19 restrictions, Lana lost her job. To make things worse, in June 2020 Lana’s car became undrivable.
Lana sought assistance to prepare an urgent interim application seeking an early distribution of $35,000 to enable her to purchase a car. The documents were prepared by our FASS lawyer and the application was granted. Lana’s property matter is still progressing, but now she has a new and reliable vehicle that is imperative for her to be able to get Jack to and from his medical appointments.

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