Infringements waived

July 28, 2022

Peter is an intelligent and well-educated man, whose issues with alcohol had undermined any chance he had securing work in his chosen career. When Peter first presented at PCLC, he had a number of outstanding fines and criminal charges associated with his alcohol use. At that time Peter was homeless and living in his car. His erratic, alcohol-fuelled behaviour had jeopardized all his relationships, and he was isolated, disconnected and un-safe.

Peter connected with our Fines and Generalist teams to assist him with his fines, and provide legal support for upcoming court appearances. Due to Peter’s vulnerability, our lawyer referred him to our Social Work Program. With her assistance, Peter secured stable housing and access to basic amenities. When he was feeling stronger and secure in his accommodation, he finally accepted that he needed help to stop drinking. Our social worker referred him to the appropriate services and he commenced attending local AA meetings.

PCLC made a successful Special Circumstances application which saw all his outstanding infringements waived. He was also assisted with representation for his criminal matters. Peter has been sober for 12 months and is undertaking further training to assist him to obtain employment. Most importantly, he has repaired his relationship with this family and is in regular contact with them.


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