escalating toll fine debt

July 28, 2022

After experiencing significant childhood trauma, Jenny 38, had always suffered from depression and anxiety. The last five years had been particularly difficult for Jenny, she had lost a few close friends and family members to tragic deaths, separated from a long term partner and moved interstate. These life events had seen a significant deterioration in her mental health.

In the past, Jenny self-medicated with speed and ice to help her cope with her anxiety and depression. However, she has managed to stay clean for the past two years.

When Jenny showed up in our fines clinic the toll fines that she had incurred over the past 5 years had escalated to almost $50,000. At this point, Jenny was understandably distressed and scared about what the future might bring, her fears being compounded by the fact she was heavily pregnant. We worked with Jenny to obtain a letter of support from her psychologist. We appeared on her behalf at the Special Circumstances List at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and managed  to get the outstanding infringement debt reduced by almost 90%. A payment arrangement was made for the remaining $5,000 whereby Jenny is required to pay $100 a month.

Jenny’s severe mental health issues and drug addiction at the time of the offences significantly contributed to her incurring the infringements. Without supporting medical reports, a letter from her psychologist and our lawyer representing her in Court, the outcome for Jenny may have been significantly different.


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