COVID19 impact

July 28, 2022

Annika’s employment was impacted by COVID-19. She required assistance with the rent reduction agreement she had entered with the real estate agent, and outstanding repairs. However, the agreement Annika had reached with the landlord included a rent deferral. This meant that Annika would need to pay back the difference between the reduced rent and the usual rental amount at the end of the agreement.


Our TAAP worker commenced negotiating with the landlord and real estate agent for a reduced rent agreement without a rent deferral. At first the landlord was unsupportive. However, the TAAP worker advised that if there was a rent deferral in place Annika would not be eligible for the DHHS rent relief grant, and as such, the landlord agreed to remove the rent deferral from the previous agreement. The agreement was lodged with Consumer Affairs as required and now Annika awaits approval of her DHHS rent relief grant.


Additionally the landlord provided approval for the repairs needed at the property to be completed.

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