Charges withdrawn

July 28, 2022
Harold lives in Pakenham and would have ordinarily attended the local visiting service, but due to COVID restrictions, he came through one of our afternoon advice sessions. He was involved in a motor vehicle accident, which fortunately didn’t result in serious injury, but did lead to some serious charges being laid against him by the police, including ‘conduct endangering life’. Harold could not afford to engage a private lawyer and was not eligible for a grant of Legal Aid.
After consulting with Harold, our lawyer reviewed the evidence including video footage of the incident. She concluded that the police did not have the requisite evidence to make out all the charges. A compelling ‘no case to answer’ submission was presented to police prosecutions and four of the six charges were withdrawn. The possible contest of the remaining two matters was discussed with police. The police agreed with our lawyer’s argument that it was not in the public interest to pursue the remaining two charges and they were withdrawn. Our assistance cost Harold nothing, yet got him the best result achievable.

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