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July 28, 2022

Since coming to Australia from Afghanistan in 2008 Zarine, her husband and their 7 children have lived in the same property. The family received a notice to vacate from their Landlord who was intending to move back into the property. Zarine was concerned that she and her family would not be able to secure a new rental property before they were required to leave, and would find themselves homeless. Zarine had been trying to find a new property, but due to the size of her family and the financial restrictions they faced, due to both adults receiving only Centrelink benefits, it was proving especially difficult.

Our advocate attended at VCAT with Zarine and successfully challenged the Landlords application for possession. The matter was adjourned for six weeks giving the Landlord the option to renew his application.   At the next hearing when the Landlords application for possession was successful, our advocate managed to secure a further one-month extension.

With the additional time, Zarine and her family were able to find an appropriate rental property. Zarine and her family have now secured housing and received their bond back in full.


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