$11,000 debt waived

July 28, 2022
Gerald came to PCLC very distressed. He had incurred a debt of $11,000 through a contract he had entered into for store finance at a retail business in Frankston. Gerald had no recollection of entering the contract or the products he purchased.
Following a diagnosis of schizophrenia Gerald, had been placed on a disability support pension. Lapses in therapeutic treatment and poly-substance abuse gave rise to psychosis, a lack of insight and poor judgement.
The Legal, Operational Risk and Compliance department at the credit provider was contacted and a comprehensive medical report was provided to support assertions of impairment and that it ought to have been apparent that impairment was a matter of concern. The possibility of unconscionable conduct were raised.
As a result of our lawyers intervention Gerald had the entire $11,000.00 debt waived.

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