Resources for Workers Supporting Victim Survivors of Family Violence through Legal Systems (2023)

These short courses explain a few key intersecting systems you’re likely to be encountering as a family violence worker including: intervention orders in the Magistrates Court, separation and childcare arrangements in Family Court, rights to relationship property and child protection services. Each course is made up of videos, links to further resources, factsheets and more which build on the material. They are supposed to act as a bit of a training manual – with real, practical guidance on how to help and what not to do.

All the information covered in these courses is not given as legal advice and is only general information.


1. Introduction to Legal Help for your clients

Learn who we are at PCLC, all the different ways we can support your clients, exactly how to access our services and what other legal supports are out there.


2. Family Violence System

An overview of intervention orders and common issues that victim survivors experience. The course will highlight some spaces where things can go wrong and how to be the best support in this legal space.


3. Family Law System

An explanation of how the family law operates, common issues encountered by survivors of family violence in this system.


4. Relationship Property

Tips for workers around a survivor’s possible entitlement to shared property from the relationship and the processes involved in reaching settlement.


5. Child Protection System

Learn how Child Protection can become involved and tips for supporting clients when they do. We’ll also cover common issues encountered by survivors when the child welfare system intersects with the other Courts.


6. Debt, Fines, Tenancy, VOCAT, Immigration: Other Common Legal Issues

This course teaches you about a range of other difficult areas for victim survivors and arms you with the skills needed to make an impact to improve outcomes.

Us case workers are time poor. We’re always thinking: how much am I putting into this?
A resource which showed how any particular step would actually be beneficial to the client would be helpful as we’re more likely to do something when we know about the real result

– Case Manager at Local Social Service

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