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Family Violence/Family Law Educational resources

Given the level of family breakdown in Australia, it is not surprising that the most common legal problem for our clients is family law, with more than half reporting family violence. This is consistent with the fact that our catchment area includes several postcodes that are rated in the top ten for levels of family violence in Victoria.

New research has revealed that people experiencing family violence, the majority of whom are women, face a massive 20 legal problems on average, including 16 legal problems other than family violence victimization.

In response to the scale of the problem, PCLC has with the support of a grant from Victoria Law Foundation produced educational resources that help clients and family violence workers and allied professionals navigate the family law and family violence legal systems.

These materials raise awareness of common legal problems that people experiencing family violence often have; they also debunk common myths and give relatable examples through client stories and a client journey map.

The laws about family violence and families are complicated. The call to action with these materials is for those affected to get legal advice early in order to better understand their legal options.

The resources are being shared widely with our partner agencies working in the family violence sector to raise awareness of the family law and other legal issues that often accompany family violence and to encourage referrals to PCLC and other legal service providers where this is the case.

Information Brochure for Family Violence Workers

Are you afraid – Family Violence Information Brochure

Are you afraid – Family Violence Journey Map Poster

Family Violence Common Myths Flyer

Family Violence Case studies Flyer

Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme

Peninsula Community Legal Centre (PCLC) has received funding from the Victorian Legal Services Board Grants Program to integrate the Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme into Melbourne’s southern region.

The WDP Scheme is part of a new Victorian government initiative that provides vulnerable clients with a new way to deal with their infringement debt.

Fines have become a serious issue, particularly in Melbourne’s southern region, with the average infringement client presenting with more than $11,000 in fine debt.  However, we believe the WDP has the potential to change this.

Our two year project aims to:-

  • Educate clients and health and community providers about the WDP Scheme;
  • Identify issues and barriers for clients and health and community providers associated with the WDP Scheme;
  • Develop a network of WDP sponsors in Melbourne’s southern region for PCLC to refer its clients to; and
  • Advocate for legislative and policy reform for a more just infringement system.


Below includes information PCLC has created for a potential WDP sponsor:

WDP Information Package

If you or your organisation is interested in becoming a WDP sponsor, contact our Project Worker, Laura Sanderson via email on or phone on (03) 9784 4225.


Below includes information PCLC has created for a WDP client:

Client WDP Brochure

If you are interested in finding a potential WDP sponsor, contact our Project Worker,  Laura Sanderson via email on or phone on (03) 9784 4225.

Laura can answer any further questions you have and can send you PCLC’s ‘WDP Client Information Package’.