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PODCAST – Legal Information during COVID-19

We know that many people in our community are experiencing legal problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our community engagement officer Kirsten Young spoke to 3CR 855am’s Done by Law podcast about the common legal issues our clients have been facing as a result of COVID-19, including family violence, parenting arrangements and family law issues, tenancy and fines. The podcast and its webpage also provide details about where to find reliable legal information responding to COVID-19.

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GET HELP with COVID-19 common legal issues

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) has created legal information about common legal issues people may experience because of COVID-19.

VLA’s website has the following web pages that can be printed as fact sheets about:


Where to get help

Work issues

Family issues

Criminal hearings 


VLA also has the following links to other information that may be useful for people experiencing legal issues related to COVID-19 coronavirus:
Financial hardshipYou may be experiencing financial hardship due to loss of income. This might mean being unable to pay bills or fines on time. Visit ou general topic on Debt and financial issues.


You may be having Centrelink issues, such as being unable to actively look for work. Visit Services Australia information on COVID-19 and our general topic on Centrelink.

Housing and tenancy

You may experience tenancy issues, like not being able to pay your rent, or having signed a lease but being unable to travel to Australia. Visit Justice Connect’s information How does COVID-19 affect Victorian renters? and our general topic housing and tenancy.

Products and services

You may experience disputes over refunds for cancelled events or travel plans. Visit Consumer Affairs Victoira’s COVID-19 information on products and services.


People may experience racism because of perceptions about where the virus came from. Visit our general topic Discrimination and victimisation.



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