lease term reduction

Etta and James moved into a property with their new baby in 2019. The lease was fixed term with both Etta and James’ names on the lease.

a weight lifted

Sometimes being at the right place at the right time makes a big difference.

Therapeutic justice – helping people to live

Simon was not travelling well; he had suffered with depression and anxiety for more than a decade. Following the recent breakdown of his 16-year relationship, his mental health began to deteriorate. This downfall was exacerbated by being unable to afford psychiatric support.

a weight lifted

Lorraine had been living in rooming houses for years. Until recently she had been in the same rooming house for 10 years but after her partner died, this was no longer appropriate for her. Lorraine was lucky and found a ‘women-only’ house where she developed strong connections with other residents.

a place to call home

Since coming to Australia from Afghanistan in 2008 Zarine, her husband and their 7 children have lived in the same property. The family received a notice to vacate from their Landlord who was intending to move back into the property.