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Launch of the Work and Development Permit (WDP) Information Package

What is the WDP?

The Work and Development Permit (WDP) Scheme allows eligible people (those experiencing addiction, mental illness or cognitive impairment, homelessness, family violence or acute financial hardship) to ‘work off’ their unpaid fines.

Health practitioners and organisations can become accredited ‘sponsors’ online through Fines Victoria.  Sponsors provide activities so that the time spent engaged in services counts towards clearing this debt.  This is part of an initiative provided by the Victorian Department of Justice and Community Safety.

What is the WDP process?

  • The eligible person seeks advice about their fine(s) options from a community legal centre, Legal Aid or financial counsellor before engaging in a WDP.
  • The person finds a provider willing to become their sponsor.
  • The health practitioner or organisation applies for accreditation online through Fines Victoria. Upon accreditation, the sponsor has access to the WDP portal.
  • The sponsor determines if the client is eligible for a WDP and together both parties agree on an activity for the client to ‘work off’ the unpaid fine(s).
  • The sponsor applies for a WDP on behalf of the client and the client engages in the agreed activity. Pending approval by Fines Victoria, the debt is put on hold.
  • Each month the sponsor notifies Fines Victoria of the time the client has spent engaged in the activity using the WDP portal.

How can the WDP Information Package help me?

The WDP Information Package assists both clients and sponsors with the WDP process.  It includes the following documents –

  1. Client Brochure: Brief overview of the WDP process for eligible individuals/clients wanting to go onto a WDP.
  2. Sponsor Brochure: Brief overview of the WDP process for providers/sponsors interested in applying for WDPs on behalf of clients.
  3. Sponsor Roadmap: More in-depth explanation of the WDP process for providers/sponsors interested in applying for WDPs on behalf of clients.
  4. Client Intake Sheet: Assists sponsors in obtaining relevant information to determine client eligibility and to apply for a WDP on behalf of clients.
  5. Client Timesheet: Assists sponsors in recording the time clients spend engaged in the sponsor’s activity.
  6. Information Consent Form: Fines Victoria document provides consent for clients to be subject to a WDP and to provide certain information.

You can access the WDP Information Package at

Please contact Laura Sanderson (Project Worker at PCLC) on 9783 3600 or if you are interested in knowing more.

This project has been generously funded by the Legal Services Board.